Help us tell the Government (through the MPDC) that the latest plan for a stadium at Mac Point changes nothing – it’s still a bad idea.

The Macquarie Point Development Corporation (MPDC) has released its latest precinct plan and is again calling for public feedback. Despite having told them last time around that we don’t want a stadium there, their survey questions again assume it’s a given.

Our Place recommends that you provide your feedback in the form of a submission rather than by completing the survey.  Talk about what matters to you.  Don’t be verballed by answering questions that make you complicit in a sleight of hand that will again lead to reporting that suggests social licence for a stadium has been granted.

Submissions must be lodged by Sunday 26 November – less than 2 weeks away!

That’s why we are asking you to get writing urgently. If you can spare a few minutes, we can let the Government know that this is important to us and that we are tired of our voices being sidelined.

We are not providing a form letter (of the “sign here and press SEND” variety) as these were separated out in the MPDC’s reporting on the last round of consultations – no doubt a mechanism to highlight and thus easily discount them.

But we have given you lots of material to work with in the hope of making it as easy as possible. You will probably only want to use a fraction of it.  Make your submission as personalised as possible.

How to make your submission

1. Download this document.
(Microsoft Word DOCX – 436KB)
(OpenOffice ODT – 26KB)
(PDF – 96KB)

2. Read the document and decide on your focus.
You will see that we have included a LOT of material on a range of topics.  And, in some places, we have made the same point a few different ways, maximising the chances that we can “mix and match” to get lots of varying responses submitted.  Decide on your focus.  A sentence or two about a range of issues?  A paragraph or two about one key issue?

3. Amend the document.
Delete (a lot, especially where “/ “ used to give alternatives), add, cut, paste, change the order, mix it up, change the language, speak in your own voice.  Save as you go.

4. Finish with your full name and postcode.

5. Save and send.
We have named the document “MPDC submission”. Rename it when you save to personalise it.  Send, as an attachment, to  Do NOT cc us.