Our Vision for Macquarie Point

An Alternative Vision for Macquarie Point as a Place for all Tasmanians.

Our Place: a Tasmanian Vision for Macquarie Point 

The Macquarie Point Vision is an iconic housing development of 1,000 new homes for 2,000-3,000 people that has as its centrepiece an enhanced, nationally significant Truth and Reconciliation Park. It speaks to what Hobartians need, which is housing, and what they want, which is reconciliation with the Palawa people. It is about Tasmania’s needs and values. It is about creating an iconic, internationally significant urban renewal project which answers our needs and addresses our problems. It is about hope and pride, truth and the future. It’s about our place.

The current Long House is maintained as a mixed use commercial hub (accommodating creative agencies, a fitness gym and an indigenous social enterprise) with minor modification to its north end to allow it to open out onto the newly developed sunny public space.