Help us tell the Public Accounts Committee that we don’t want the AFL’s albatross around our necks

The Parliamentary Standing Committee of Public Accounts (Public Accounts Committee, PAC) is conducting the Inquiry into the Tasmanian Government’s process into the proposed Arts, Entertainment and Sports Precinct in Hobart.

With the release of an Interim Report in August 2023, the PAC adopted revised Terms of Reference and is now calling for further submissions in line with those.

Submissions must be lodged by Friday 24 November – less than a week away!

That’s why we are asking you to get writing urgently.

The PAC has reserved the right not to accept any petition or template correspondence or submissions that do not address the Terms of Reference.  So we are not providing a form letter (of the “sign here and press SEND” variety).

But we have given you lots of material to work with in the hope of making it as easy as possible. You will probably only want to use a fraction of it.  Make your submission as personalised as possible.

How to make your submission

1. Download this document.
(Microsoft Word DOCX – 435KB)
(OpenOffice ODT – 26KB)
(PDF – 96KB)

2. Read the document and decide on your focus.
You will see that we have included a LOT of material on a range of topics.  And, in some places, we have made the same point a few different ways, maximising the chances that we can “mix and match” to get lots of varying responses submitted.  Decide on your focus.  A sentence or two about each of the Terms of Reference?  A paragraph or two about one only?

3. Amend the document.
Delete (a lot, especially where “/ “ used to give alternatives), add, cut, paste, change the order, mix it up, change the language, speak in your own voice.  Save as you go.

4. Finish with your full name and postcode.

5. Save and send.
We have named the document “PAC submission”. Rename it when you save to personalise it.  Send, as an attachment, to and the attention of Simon Scott, Committee Secretary, Parliamentary Standing Committee of Public Accounts. Do NOT cc us.