SKY NEWS – Hobart AFL stadium in jeopardy over Jeremy Rockliff’s ‘secret deal’ as Tasmanian government is plunged into a minority

Plans to build a $750 million stadium in Hobart are in jeopardy as Tasmania’s Labor leader urges the Premier to come clean on the deal he signed with the AFL, which could spark an early election. 

Tasmania’s Labor leader Rebecca White has urged Premier Jeremy Rockliff to release the details of the deal he signed with the AFL following a “stadium mess”.

Tasmania will officially be home to the AFL’s 19th team after the state and federal governments announced plans to build a $750 million stadium in Hobart – a move which has sent the state into chaos.

Speaking at a press conference in Hobart on Monday, Ms White called out the Premier for signing a “secret deal” with the AFL which led two MPs to quit on Friday, tipping Australia’s last Liberal government into a minority.

“Our position has been very clear, we don’t support a stadium, we do support a team,” she told reporters.

“What we want to see, is what exactly the Premier has signed up too in his secret deal with the AFL.