Their stadium our Hobart banner.

Help us tell Andrew Dillon that the AFL can do better. Tasmanians don’t want or need his stadium. Tell him you think it’s unfair that Tasmania has to pay such a high price to enter the national competition. Remind him that his stadium is unaffordable, unnecessary and divisive.

Welcome to our site. A site for Tasmanians.

Tasmanians who think their stadium is …


… in the wrong place

  • heritage destroyed
  • Palawa sidelined
  • site obliterated
  • city disconnected
  • Cenotaph diminished

… bad economic and public policy

  • opportunity costs ignored
  • cost blowout inevitable
  • no net Commonwealth grant
  • not a taxpayer priority

… rooted in abuse of power

  • shrouded in secrecy
  • AFL juggernaut
  • public land / public funds / private profit

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“If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, and you think it’s a pig, it’s a pig.”

Gloria Steinem