Our Place

L to R: Roland Browne, Sukey Johnson, Ben Bartl, Shamus Mulcahy, Professor Greg Lehman, Richard Flanagan, Professor Kate Warner, Kate Calwell

Our Place is a group of Tasmanians who wish to see development that responds to the needs and values of Tasmanians, and which benefits Tasmanians, not vested corporate interests that seek state lands and large taxpayer subsidies be given them.

Our Place presented an alternative vision for the Macquarie Point site on 20th April 2023, launched by former governor, Kate Warner, focused on housing for over 2,000 Tasmanians and a major Indigenous Truth and Reconciliation Park.  Even the pro-stadium Mercury described the vision as “impressive”.

With the subsequent announcement of a proposed stadium for the site, Our Place is now focused on doing all it can to ensure the stadium is not built.

To this end it is working at getting the truth out to the Tasmanian public about a stadium which the majority of Tasmanians do not want and do not support.


    Expose the secretive process surrounding the agreement the Premier signed for a stadium that entirely favours the AFL and leaves the Tasmanian public deeply exposed to future cost blow outs at the expense of jobs, housing and health spending

    Pursue information from the government about funding for and construction of a stadium

    Publicise how damaging the stadium will be to Tasmania’s public finances, Hobart’s heritage, the Cenotaph, urban amenity, and the Tasmanian economy

    Oppose state funding for and construction of a stadium on Macquarie Point in Hobart