For the recent Lower House elections, we published the results of our candidates’ survey. Many of you found it a useful guide so we have done the same to help those voting in three Upper House electorates on Saturday 4 May. And we asked the candidates the same simple question:

If elected, will you vote for the use of public funds (costing $ hundreds of millions) for construction of a new stadium for AFL in Tasmania?

This is how they responded, with results displayed in the order they were received:


Only one of the seven candidates did not complete the survey.

Michael Haynes – Independent Uncommitted Any form of Mac Point development needs to benefit every Tasmanian, every day. I need to see more details of a stadium socio-economic business case, a broader Hobart Waterfront/Regatta Ground/Queens Domain precinct plan and make sure Tasmanian and Hobart taxpayers aren’t saddled with unnecessary generational burden or responsibility. I’m not pro or anti stadium in principle, however there are 7 existing football sized stadiums within 3km of Mac Point in different states of decline – the AFL shouldn’t be the decision maker for the location of such a significant investment in our State
Charlie Burton – Independent No The Macquarie Point proposal is for a stadium Tasmania doesn’t need, in a location that’s deeply unpopular, and comes at a cost our state can’t afford. The much more sensible and affordable option is to refurbish existing facilities eg York Park.
Sam Campbell – Independent Uncommitted Decisions & infrastructure that impact the whole state should be decided by the whole state, democratically! A binding electors poll or state referendum should be held to determine if the stadium goes ahead, & if so then under what conditions or which proposal.
Cassy O’Connor – Greens No The Greens are longstanding and big believers in Tasmania’s AFL/AFLW teams. We are also steadfast in our opposition to the waste of public monies on another stadium while people sleep in tents and die waiting for an ambulance. York Park should be the Devils’ home ground, with away games at Bellerive.
Stefan Vogel – Independent No I am in favour of a AFL team and would like to see such team play sooner than later in the existing facilities with improvements to those facilities funded on a needs basis.
John Kelly – Independent Uncommitted How can anyone make an informed decision as to whether a stadium is appropriate at Macquarie Point without detail? First, show me the detailed plans, the financials, the associated transport strategy and myriad of other details that relate to such an enormous investment. Only then can I provide an intelligent and responsible response.


Two of the four candidates did not complete the survey. One completed the survey in part and was not included to ensure parity.

Janet Shelley – Greens No Tasmanians should not be left to foot the bill for a project that’s already over budget. The Greens will continue to fight to stop the stadium and invest in the things Tasmania really needs – affordable housing, a health system that works, and education.

Three of the five candidates did not complete the survey.

Kelly Spaulding – Independent Uncommitted I do agree that the stadium is part of the current deal and I am happy with the current cap on on Tasmania’s funds allocated.
Pam Sharpe – Independent No I attended the No Stadium rally. It’s the wrong time and place. Our priorities should be otherwise. No problem with an AFL Team though.

Before this campaign is over, there will be many parliamentary votes taken on a variety of questions determining the future of the Mac Point precinct and how much Tasmanians are prepared to forego in securing State AFL/W teams.

We have all recently voted to shape a Lower House that should, if all members hold firm to the commitments they made prior to polling day, deliver a Mac Point site with amenities for all Tasmanians, while AFL is played at existing grounds.

We now need to exercise our votes to shape an Upper House able to do the same. Electing three new members who have pledged to stand with us will make all the difference when crucial votes are taken in the future.

Where candidates have failed to respond, we are legally unable to report their position.

For the Liberal Party, we know that they publicly advocate for a stadium at Macquarie Point. For the Labor Party, under new leader Dean Winter, they have not yet settled on a post-election policy for a stadium at Macquarie Point.

For other candidates, we have included links to websites that will give you more information about them. Note that many are silent on the question of the stadium. And some candidates are clearly sitting on the fence, where they will inevitably get splinters.

We encourage you to do your own homework. And we recommend that, where you are considering parking your vote with a candidate who will vote NO to a stadium, you take the time to find out more about their other views. Our campaign is about a stadium but we would not encourage people to vote for NO STADIUM candidates who hold other policy positions likely to cause harm to Tasmanian communities or individuals.

Vote to spend our money on houses and healthcare, not a stadium!