Call to Action: Mac Point Precinct Survey

by | Aug 3, 2023 | News

We must take every opportunity to reinforce to the AFL, the city planners, advisors within Government and parliamentary decision-makers that a majority of the Tasmanian community DO NOT want a new stadium.

We have less than two weeks to provide comment on a Mac Point Precinct Plan.

It will close for comments on 13 August 2023.

Things to consider

You might want to consider the following before you head over to the Mac Point site:

The survey is in two parts:

  • the first asks what you would like to see at the Mac Point site
  • the second part addresses the proposed Stadium specifically

The survey assumes a new Stadium is the centrepiece of a finalised Precinct Plan.

  • Challenge this assumption – state clearly, especially in the second part of the survey, that you oppose a Stadium at this location.
  • If you are pushed for time, just write NO NEW STADIUM for each response.

Lip service is being paid to previous commitments to the Indigenous Community, to the Federal Government and to the Tasmanian community that the Stadium will not preclude the development of a Truth and Reconciliation Park, an Antarctic and Science hub and affordable housing but there is scant evidence that these other ambitions can be fully realised.

If you have more time, spell out the elements you want to see included. If you would like some ideas about how the site might be developed, go to our site’s Our Vision page.