Media Release
Sunday 21 April 2024

Our Place Condemns Lennon Land Grab

Our Place – Hobart has described the Paul Lennon-fronted Stadium 2.0 proposal at Regatta/Macquarie Point as a naked land grab for some of the best placed public land in Hobart led by an ex-premier with a deeply worrying record backing failed and controversial major projects.

“Tasmanians should cast their mind back to the disastrous Gunns pulp mill and the very disturbing attacks on democracy that took place at the time,” Our Place spokesperson Roland Browne said today. “They should also ask if we cannot afford $700+ million for Rockliff’s stadium, how is it a better deal to give $700+ million to Paul Lennon with the bonus of the best real estate in Tasmania? It’s the deal of a lifetime for Mr Lennon,” said Mr Browne, “and a disaster for Tasmania.”

Mr Browne said Tasmanians should not be deceived by promises of hospitals and housing made by Mr Lennon. “Why not just spend the $700 million directly on housing and health? And what Tasmanian in their right mind thinks giving Paul Lennon the most valuable real estate in Tasmania for nothing is going to benefit Tasmanians when it is only going to profit Mr Lennon and lead to worst possible development outcomes.”

“Mr Lennon’s proposal is a straight out rort in which Tasmanians lose and Mr Lennon wins. It just sucks money out of health and housing and, like the Rockliff stadium, threatens to bankrupt the state. Worse still, there are huge infrastructure costs that will fall to the State like massive road upgrades and removal of the sewage works which are not costed into the state’s liability.”

“It’s beyond sad that Dean Winter now appears to be setting up the state Labor party to act as Mr Lennon’s procurers in this ultimate dodgy deal that sees Macquarie Point not developed for Tasmanians’ needs but developed for Mr Lennon’s bank account.”

Mr Browne drew attention to Mr Lennon’s bauxite mine near Campbell Town, which has been heavily subsidised by government through TasRail and which, despite promises, paid no royalties in its first 5 years of operation. After some 9 years, Mr Lennon’s company promoting the venture currently has a share price of just $0.06 (

“Any stadium funding and development work must be directed to York Park, so the stadium can benefit all Tasmanians.”