Media Release
28 March 2024

Our Place condemns the Lennon v2 proposal

The No Stadium group Our Place – Hobart has described Paul Lennon’s stadium v2 proposal as another disastrous idea, akin to the Liberal stadium proposal, after reports that the Labor Party is readying itself to back it.

Spokesperson Roland Browne said that the election results were very clear, as even Liberal guru Brad Stansfield had admitted, that Tasmanians do not want a new stadium and instead want those hundreds of millions spent on essential services during difficult times.

“This is the return of the zombie dead coming back to damage Tasmania one last time, with Paul Lennon calling the shots and Bryan Green out the front parroting his lines. That’s not what Tasmanians voted for and it’s not what Tasmanians want. Tasmanians should be very concerned.”

Roland Browne said, “What Tasmanian in their right mind thinks giving a group fronted by Paul Lennon $700 million to build a new stadium – plus all of Macquarie Point and Regatta Point – to develop for his and others’ personal profit is a good idea?  That’s our land and our taxes, not Paul Lennon’s to make millions from.”

“Let’s be honest,” Mr Browne said, “football fans are going to get a cut rate, Chickenfeed stadium, Tasmanians are still up for $700 million that should be going into housing and health, while Paul Lennon gets the cash and the property deal of the century to develop as he sees fit.”

“He’ll promise any fantasy to get this up, from hospitals to Taylor Swift, but the only people who benefit are Mr Lennon and Dean Coleman and their backers.  If proof is needed, look at Mr Lennon’s pulp mill proposal.”

Mr Browne said, “On Sunday the ALP’s faceless people removed Rebecca White after she dared to suggest that Tasmanians had voted for a progressive majority in Parliament and that Labor should seek to build a governing alliance with that majority. Now we see why.”

“There is a reason why only one in four Tasmanians voted for the Labor Party: it’s the legacy of Paul Lennon and now he will be their gravedigger if they back this proposal,” said Mr Browne.