Media Release
21 May 2024


Following the announcement of the funding agreement between Tasmania and the Commonwealth,  Our Place spokesperson Roland Browne said: “This is a disaster for the Liberal minority government’s Mac Point stadium plans.”

“The Commonwealth has very sensibly told Tasmania’s Liberal government to start all over again: consult with Aboriginal people, with the RSL and with the Hobart community. The problem this poses for the Liberal minority government is that none of the groups to be consulted want the stadium at Macquarie Point.”

“The government ought halt both the works on the site and the Planning Commission process and start again. It’s hardly a proper or adequate consultation where the Liberal government regards the stadium as inevitable. The other problem for the Liberal Government is if they can’t and don’t properly consult – and respond to the consultation – they will never meet the Commonwealth’s milestones, and will never get that money.”

“We repeat: Tasmania cannot afford this project.  Time to focus on health, housing and a stadium at York Park, in Launceston, to benefit the entire State. Our Place -Hobart repeats its call for the money to be spent on housing at Macquarie Point,” said Roland Browne.


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