Our Place – Hobart has welcomed John Tucker’s announcement that he will oppose a new stadium at Macquarie Point in Hobart, along with his questioning of the timing of the highly publicised announcement of the Tasmanian team’s name and colours.

Spokesperson for Our Place, Mr Roland Browne, said, “Under the contract between the Premier and the AFL, the launch is not required until November 2025. So why was it was moved forward to March 2024? Who in the Premier’s Office engineered this arrangement?”

“The launch should have been postponed.”

“It may not be criminal that taxpayers’ money is being used for this launch in the middle of an election campaign to boost the Liberal Party’s chances, but it is profoundly wrong and a deeply shameful, divisive beginning for what should have been a joyful unifying occasion for all Tasmanians.”

“Given this election is only happening because of the stadium, it is a reminder of how divisive the stadium project continues to be and how the people steering the new Tasmanian team will destroy it if they continue to think the only fan base that matters is the Tasmanian Liberal party.”

Our Place calls on all candidates to reject the construction of a stadium in Hobart and for them to commit to any such available money to be put into health, housing and education.”