Transcript of media conference with the Premier of Tasmania and Liberal MHA for Braddon, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 15 February 2024. Liberal Party MHAs for Clark Madeleine Ogilvie and Simon Behrakis were both also present ‘behind the microphones’ but did not speak.


What is a clear commitment is that the $375 million will be invested and not one cent more. This is our commitment; there will be no more spent on or invested in the stadium, the Macquarie Point precinct stadium, than $375 million. That’s our commitment. And we are now open to the private sector to come in and invest in the precinct to ensure that the 4000 jobs in construction can be realised, the enormous economic benefits, securing entertainment from around the nation and internationally, and indeed securing our own AFL Tea and AFL W team.

Journalist – Matt Denholm

To what extent do you concede though that this cap has killed the project?


We’ve been very clear about the $375 million, which we’re investing once, and we spend three, we invest $375 million every 45 days in the health system, for example, at $8 million a day. What this clearly says is that we’ve drawn a line in the sand: $375 million will be invested on the Macquarie Point stadium bringing with it vibrancy that the investment here has brought through a combination of government and indeed, private sector interests.