The Premier has directed the Tasmanian Planning Commission to prepare guidelines as the first stage of an integrated assessment of the Macquarie Point Multipurpose Stadium as a Project of State Significance (PoSS). 

Draft guidelines were published on 4 December 2023.  The Commission is inviting public comment on these, with input due on 8 January 2024.

The Premier has failed to respond to a public call to extend the timeline to allow Tasmanians to enjoy their holidays without being cut out of a vital democratic process.

Our Place would like you to add your voice to ours to let the Premier know that we will not be fazed by his tactics and we will be heard in spite of his best efforts to silence us and manipulate the process.

Click below to read more about the stages in this PoSS process and the current state of play

This project, if approved, will have monumental impacts on the state’s finances, on the Mac Point area and on the amenity of Hobart.  Tasmanians will have to live with it if that ever happens.  So we need to ignore the Premier’s hurdles and have our say.

Click below to read the draft guidelines.

Our Place lodged its submission just before Christmas.  As time is now running out, we ask you to write to endorse that submission.  We have made detailed comment about specific draft guidelines, with our covering letter setting out our call for an independent and transparent process.

Click below to read our submission.

We know this will interrupt your holidays but, if you can, please send your email to the Planning Commission today.

The Premier must not be allowed to stand in the way of Tasmanians doing their bit to ensure that this PoSS process is as independent and transparent as possible!