TAKE ACTION: Tell the Planning Commission that we want a transparent Project of State Significance (PoSS) process

Help us tell the Commission that we need really strong guidelines that act to ensure transparency and prevent interference in the Mac Point PoSS assessment.

The Premier has failed to respond to your call to extend the timeline to allow Tasmanians to enjoy their holidays without being locked out of having a say on the guidelines.

Click the button below if you want more information about why we need to act.

We only have until 8 January for consultation!

We have done all we can to make it easy for you to have your say despite the Premier’s best efforts.  We have lodged our submission and we are asking you to tell the Planning Commission that you endorse what we have said.  And there is space to let the Commission know what is most important to you as they work to finalise the guidelines.

To send your email directly to the Planning Commission: 

1. Fill in your name and postcode and press SEND (ignore the blank boxes at the top and bottom – they will disappear).


2. BEFORE you finish with your full name and postcode, take a minute to personalise your message (top box) and set out one or two key points (bottom box) for the Commission to consider. You might like to tell the Commission that you:

  • are particularly concerned that there be full disclosure of all communications between government, the AFL and all consultants
  • share Our Place’s concerns about the Government’s attempts to limit input to this process by the imposition of appalling timelines
  • want the guidelines to highlight the the State Government’s role in ensuring long-term traffic planning for the citizens of Hobart instead of contorting traffic routes as a knee-jerk response to a stadium proposal
  • want the guidelines to give proper weight to the expressed need for meaningful Aboriginal reconciliation at the Mac Point site
  • want the guidelines to ensure that no discredited consultants such as PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) are engaged in the assessment process
  • don’t want the guidelines to reflect an assumption that Tasmanians can’t have AFWL and AFL teams without having a costly, poorly-planned and ugly stadium at Mac Point
  • want the guidelines to ensure that all project consultants be at arm’s length from the Tasmanian Government
  • want the guidelines to set out requirements for photo montages that show Tasmanians realistic images of the proposed stadium and its overwhelming impact
  • want the guidelines to give proper weight to considerations impacting on the quality of life of Hobart residents who live in the vicinity of Mac Point

The consultation period has now ended